Disaster Preparedness: The Choices and Elements to Consider When Selecting Lines to Cryopreserve The importance of using cryopreservation to protect genetically engineered models from disasters and destroyed research can't be overstated...simply ask researchers at NYU who suffered significant losses resulting from Hurricane Sandy.

In addition to preventing the catastrophic loss of potentially millions in investment and research time, cryopreservation guards a GEM line from unexpected genetic changes due to drift, breeding errors or unpredicted results from intentional modifications. 

Regardless of whether your project is newly beginning or nearing its end, regularly cryopreserving your GEM lines is good practice.

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  • Protecting your GEMs from natural or genetic disasters using cryopreservation

  • The significant savings of cryopreservation

  • Decisions to make when starting to cryopreserve GEM lines

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