two breast cancer cells dividingEstrogen supplements are often required in breast cancer xenograft studies, but can induce a range of adverse effects on immunodeficient mouse models. Failure to control for these strain-dependent effects can seriously impact the reproducibility of preclinical research.

In this webinar, we will explore the impacts of external estrogen supplements on various strains of mice used as breast cancer xenograft models in preclinical research. Topics will include:
  • Why external estrogen supplements are necessary in breast cancer models.

  • What kinds of adverse, estrogen-related effects are observed in mouse models.

  • How to control for strain-dependent variations in these effects.


Tiina-Kahkonen-pharmatest.jpgTiina Kähkönen is a director of preclinical oncology research at Pharmatest Services. She graduated from the University of Turku, Finland in 2012 with a major in Drug Discovery and Pharmacology. After graduation, she conducted her PhD thesis work on breast cancer research with a special interest in bone metastasis.

Pharmatest Services is a preclinical CRO specialized in oncology and skeletal disease models. In almost twenty years’ time, Pharmatest has established the proof-of-efficacy for many cancer drug candidates with clinically predictive cell culture assays and orthotopic and metastasis animal models.

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