Register: Microbiome and Mice 2016

Learn about translational applications of the latest microbiome research.

As basic research into the microbiome influence on human health advances, exciting new applications open up for pharmacological research. Therapeutics which alter or leverage the human microbiome will exert tremendous influence on oncology, immunology, and the study and treatment of disease.

Symposium topics included the role of microbiota in the development, progression, and treatment of disease, recent developments in translational microbiome research, and the use of germ-free research models to explore new therapeutic opportunities.

Featured Presentations:

  • "Advanced understanding of Biomodels capabilities in microbiome modulatory effects in immuno-oncology models" - Ben Cuiffo, Principal Scientist - Oncology at Biomodels

  • “Role of Intestinal Microbiota in the Preservation of Psychological and Cognitive Resilience” - Lap Ho, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine 

  • “Gnotobiotics – What is the Fuss?” - Julia Krout, NYU Langone Medical Center

  • “Considerations in Monitoring Colony Microbiome” - Dr. Jeffrey Lohmiller, Taconic Biosciences

  • "Exploiting the Immune Response to Illuminate Host-Microbiota Interactions” - Noah W. Palm, Yale University School of Medicine

  • “Alternatives to Maintaining a Germ-Free Breeding Colony, a Novel Approach” - Frank Razzaboni, Park Bioservices

  • “Understanding of the role of the microbiome in GVHD models” - Dr. Dominic Beal, Biomodels

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© 2019 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.