There are very few options for controlling the microbiome of your preclinical research models, and study after study proves that microbiota have potentially significant influence on experimental outcomes. Without constructing your own gnotobiotic core, how can you be sure that your research model's microbiome isn’t skewing your results?

Ensure Reproducibility with TruBIOME®

TruBIOME® is a unique approach to generating research model colonies which allows you complete control over their microbiome, from conception to cohort delivery.

In this white paper, learn how TruBIOME® produces study cohorts of mice with your desired microbiome composition through custom microbiota associations in germ-free founder mice.

Download this White Paper to Learn:

  • How custom microbiota associations can control for microbiome-induced effects on experimental reproducibility and replication

  • How a proof-of-concept study demonstrated Taconic's ability to preserve microbial richness and diversity in the mouse gut microbiome through multiple generations

  • What types of custom microbiota are currently available in Taconic's Microbiota Repository™

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