The B6 diet-induced obese (DIO) mouse is a well-established platform for metabolic research – but phenotypic variation between C57BL/6 substrains is often overlooked during study design.

Phenotypic Analysis of C57BL/6 DIO Mice Substrains

In this exclusive Taconic Biosciences webinar, we’ll take you through the results of an extensive phenotypic analysis of metabolic characteristics of C57BL/6NTac, C57BL/6J, and C57BL/6JBom DIO mice.

Studied characteristics include:
  • Final body weight variation and rate of gain.

  • Insulin resistance and levels by weight.

  • Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Diet Performance


Michael Hayward, PhD
Team Leader, Invivotek

michael hayward, PhD, Presenter of Comparing Substrains in DIO MiceDr. Hayward is an experienced biomedical researcher who joined Invivotek after working on the characterization of neuroscience and metabolism animal models and as an efficacy testing director at Taconic Biosciences. He has completed phenotype evaluations of over 200 genetically engineered animal model lines and overseen the efficacy testing of more than one hundred preclinical test therapeutics.

Dr. Hayward received his Ph.D. in Biology from Columbia University and did his postdoctoral fellowship at the Vollum Institute. He served as a Research Assistant Professor at the Center for the Study of Weight Regulation at Oregon Health Sciences University, where he was funded by NIDA and NIAAA.

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© 2019 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.