Health Standards Critical RoleLab animal health standards have evolved significantly in recent decades when infectious disease was the major concern. Gnotobiotic derivation became the solution of choice for enabling large-scale production of infection free laboratory animals. As a result the use of models with compromised immune systems and cell deficiencies increased, so too did the risk of animal susceptibility to both pathogenic and opportunistic agents.

As mouse models become more complex selection of the right health standard can enhance or reduce model relevancy for any given study.

This paper explores six factors that have made animal health standards a critical consideration in model selection, and provides pragmatic guidance that can help you select the right health standard for a given model.

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  • The six pillars for optimal animal model selection

  • How the pillars interact and how they impact the model selection process

  • Animal health as a response to the growing trends in biomedical research and drug discovery industry

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