diet-induced-obese-b6-mouse-model Obesity predisposes patients to several debilitating metabolic diseases, cardiovascular disorders, liver diseases, and cancers. Research into the mechanisms underlying obesity and its comorbid conditions presents an opportunity to make a significant impact on human health.

Are you making the most use of obese animal models in your preclinical research?

Diet-Induced Obese (DIO) Mice in Metabolic Studies

Join Taconic Biosciences for this free webinar on the application of diet-induced obese animal models used for studying human obesity and its associated pathologies.

  • Learn how to leverage DIO mice in metabolic disorder research.

  • Discover applications for DIO mice in studying metabolically-driven liver diseases.

  • Discuss protocols for robust study design with DIO mice.


Michael R. Briggs, PhDMichael Briggs, President & CEO of Woodland Biosciences

Michael Briggs is the CSO of Woodland Biosciences. He has developed a deep interest in oncology medicine and is exploring discovery research into the connections between obesity, diabetes, liver disease, and fast-growing cancers such as hepatocellular carcinoma and pancreatic cancer.

Nikole Siegmund, BS, LATNikole Siegmund Director at Woodland Biosciences
Director of Laboratory Operations

Nikole Siegmund is the director of laboratory operations at Woodland Biosciences and a former Team Leader for research at Charles River Laboratories. Her team represents decades of combined CRO and pharmaceutical company experience.

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© 2024 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.

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