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The Laboratory Rat: Biology, Reproduction, and Unique Applications

The laboratory rat has been used for biomedical research since the 1850s and remains a valuable tool today. This webinar will the review basic biology of rats, including what makes them unique among experimental species.

Dr. Marina Hanson, Associate Director, Veterinary Sciences, will share insights from her recent book chapter in the 3rd edition of the Laboratory Rat, including a detailed overview of rat reproduction and key rat models that dominate research today.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • How rats and mice differ
  • Unique aspects of rat biology that make rats especially suited to address specific research questions
  • Details of rat reproduction and how to improve rat breeding efficiency in your own vivarium

This webinar is great for ACLAM boards prep or AALAS certification.

Dr. Marina Hanson

Dr. Hanson graduated from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. She continued her studies at the University of Missouri Comparative Medicine Program, completing a residency in laboratory animal medicine as well as PhD in veterinary pathobiology. While there, she generated a novel cell ablation rat model which is available through the RRRC. Dr. Hanson joined Taconic in 2017 and has veterinary responsibilities for Taconic rodents at several US sites. She also serves as an IACUC member.

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