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Ensure Reproducible Microbiome Profiles in In Vivo Research

Stable Transmission of the Wild Mouse Gut Microbiota Over Multiple Generations

Microbiome is a critical variable for in vivo research, with changes in the microbiota of an animal model associated with variations in experimental outcomes. For studies where a consistent microbiome is required, researchers may need to employ new methods to ensure that study cohorts are consistent over time.

TruBIOME®, a first of its kind solution, addresses this need. Using germ-free starting stock associated with a defined microbiota and maintenance of that defined microbiome over generations, TruBIOME® improves consistency and reproducibility in mouse studies.

TruBIOME® as a Tool for Microbiome Research

Taconic Biosciences’ Marina Hanson DVM, PhD explains how TruBIOME® enables the generation and maintenance of mice with custom microbiome profiles including insight into the Wild Mouse gut microbiota as it promotes host fitness in response to various diseases and treatments naturally.

You will learn:

  • How a consistent microbiome is maintained over time in a specialized colony and through transfer across multiple generations
  • About the Wild Mouse gut microbiome and how it varies from the microbiota of standard laboratory mice
  • How other microbiota profiles can be applied to generate consistent cohorts over time for research studies through the TruBIOME® approach

Dr. Marina Hanson

Taconic Biosciences

Dr. Marina Hanson has over 18 years’ experience working with laboratory animals in academia and industry. She received her DVM from Iowa State University and went on to complete a Laboratory Animal Residency and PhD program at the University of Missouri Comparative Medicine Program. She was an author on “Differential susceptibility to colorectal cancer due to naturally occurring gut microbiota” in the PIRC rat model. Currently at Taconic Biosciences, Dr. Hanson has veterinary responsibilities for multiple microbiome projects in Rensselaer, New York.

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