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FcResolv™ huNOG Mouse Model


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FcResolv™ NOG mouse models expand the utility of Taconic's powerful NOG platform. FcResolv NOG mice are ideal for investigating any indication which utilizes a therapy incorporating an Fc domain, including immuno-oncology, autoimmune disease, and more.

Coming Soon! This new humanized immune system (HIS) mouse model is based on the FcResolv NOG mouse and supports long-term engraftment of human lymphoid cells.

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The First and Only Super Immunodeficient Mouse Models that Remove Murine Fc Gamma Receptors Known to Confound Results

These novel mouse models improve your antibody-based therapy assessment in three critical ways:

  • Greater confidence in your study results
  • More accurate assessment of antibody-based therapies
  • Better answer with fewer resources

Researchers who work with antibody-based therapies find that murine Fc gamma receptors (FcγRs) can confound preclinical study results, causing false positives or false negatives that lead to incorrect conclusions and derail drug discovery. By knocking out these receptors, FcResolv™ NOG models provide clarity in antibody-based drug studies, offering greater confidence and more translatable data while utilizing fewer resources.

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