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Beyond HSCs: Humanized Immune System Models Based on PBMCs and Isolated Immune Cell Subsets

For many researchers the humanized immune system model is synonymous with a CD34+ HSC (hematopoietic stem cell) engrafted mouse. Did you know that there are several powerful and unique alternatives to HSCs that are providing benefits to preclinical drug discovery and development?

Discover Powerful Alternatives to HCSs

This interactive presentation will explore the pros and cons of HSC and non-HSC humanized immune system mouse models and provide a focused overview of novel approaches and benefits to applying non-HSC humanized immune system models in biomedical research.

You can expect to learn:

  • How HIS models established using CD34+ HSC alternatives can provide unique and powerful benefits to preclinical drug development work
  • The role of NK cells in immunotherapy research
  • Drug discovery scientists can learn how to strategically benefit from applying HIS models established with and without CD34+ HSCs in their preclinical work

Dr. Paul Volden

Associate Director of Product Management | Taconic Biosciences

Dr. Paul Volden is Associate Director of Product Management at Taconic Biosciences. He earned his PhD from the University of Chicago’s Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition and has over a decade of biological and biomedical research experience, spanning rodent model applications for cancer, metabolic disease, and cardiovascular disease. Prior to his current role, Paul served among Taconic’s Field Application Scientist team and as Taconic’s Associate Director of External Collaboration.

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