White-Paper-Humanized Mouse Models

As drug discovery efforts shift towards increasingly complex and highly specific biologic therapeutics, sourcing appropriate in vivo models for preclinical work is becoming more challenging. Researchers are turning to humanized immune system (HIS) models for help addressing their modern in vivo drug research challenges.

Humanized Mouse Models for Drug Discovery

HIS models are invaluable tools for a wide range of research applications, including immuno-oncology, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and basic research into the immune system and hematopoiesis.

This white paper thoroughly reviews HSC and PBMC engraftment models using the core NOG mouse in addition to next generation models designed to support engraftment of particular human immune cell subsets such as myeloid lineages and NK cells.

Download this White Paper to learn:

  • Taconic Biosciences' NOG Portfolio models and their application as HIS model hosts

  • Key alternative cell humanization approaches for certain NOG Portfolio models

  • How to select the most appropriate humanized model for your drug discovery needs

  • Detailed guidance to help you plan your humanized mouse study

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