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huNOG-EXL EA (Early Access): A Myeloid-Supportive HIS Model with a Longer Potential Study Window

This webinar discusses the advantages of utilizing Taconic Biosciences' huNOG-EXL EA option for research studies.

The huNOG-EXL is a versatile humanized immune system mouse which supports development of both lymphoid and myeloid cells. The new huNOG-EXL EA option allows more flexibility in study design, particularly for certain challenging scenarios.

During this webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of how inter- and intra-donor variability can impact experimental outcomes and how Taconic controls for these in humanized mice production.

The huNOG-EXL EA model can:

  • Maximize the possible study window for huNOG-EXL mice
  • Provide a sufficient study window for efficacy studies using slow-growing tumors or with longer treatment paradigms
  • Allow for the start of experimentation in huNOG-EXL mice prior to emergence of T cells or during the peak B cell period
  • Overcome unavoidable logistics and quarantine challenges, which may reduce the study window unacceptablely when using the standard huNOG-EXL offering

Janell Richardson

Senior Scientist | Taconic BIosciences

Dr. Janell Richardson has 15 years of in vivo pharmacology experience. She received her doctorate in 2012 from Georgetown University in Pharmacology. She continued on to a post-doctoral fellowship and subsequently moved into industry in 2015. In the commercial sector, she led an early target identification in vivo pharmacology team. In 2018, she joined Taconic as a field scientist and now leads Taconic’s R&D efforts.

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