Webinar: In Mice for Men - Conditional Cytokine and Cytokine Receptor Mutants

Presented by

Dr. Werner Muller - Bill Ford Chair in Cellular Immunology, University of Manchester

Join Taconic Biosciences and Dr. Werner Muller for an e-seminar discussing recent revelations on essential gene function in vivo. This webinar will also highlight the ability to predict the links between mouse mutation and human disease based on conditional gene targeting.

In this talk, Dr. Muller will focus on the second cytokine deficient mouse mutant, the Interleukin-10 deficient mutant. By contrasting recent human disease findings with data published more than 20 years ago, he will demonstrate that there is a lot of truth "in mice for man."

Attend this e-seminar to learn more about:

  • Essential gene functions in vivo revealed by gene inactivation

  • Possibilities to predict possible links of mouse mutations to human diseases

  • Potential length of time until a mouse phenotype can be linked to a human disease

  • Translation of mouse phenotyping data to human disease conditions

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© 2022 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2022 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.