Precision Research ModelsThis white paper provides detailed examples of the utility of precision research models created either via genetic engineering or cell or tissue engraftment to help researchers breakthrough some of the common challenges and obstacles to bridge the gap between mouse and human physiologies in neurodegeneration and toxicology research.

Genetically engineered or cell or tissue engraftment Precision Research Models have proven effective tools to both better mirror human disease and potentially save hundreds of millions of dollars in drug discovery.

Download this White Paper to learn:

  • The most complex research models created to-date

  • The use of humanized mouse models in the study of drug metabolism and disposition

  • The transgenic rasH2 mouse that is significantly reducing carcinogenicity studies timelines

  • The effectiveness of the APPSWE mouse in the development of therapies to combat Alzheimer’s disease

  • Human immune system engrafted mice with patient derived tumors (PDX)

  • How to accelerate immuno-oncology and drug metabolism studies with liver engrafted models

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