Webinar: Survival Guide to Maintaining Genetic Integrity in Breeding ColoniesGenetic integrity in rodent breeding colonies has a direct and fundamental impact on the quality of your preclinical research. Without robust genetic monitoring of breeding stock, genetic drift and strain variations can quietly – and fatally – undermine almost any research program.

Are you taking the necessary steps to safeguard the genetic integrity of your breeding colonies?

Free Genetic Integrity Webinar

Join us for this exclusive Taconic Biosciences webinar and learn how robust genetic monitoring and proper model selection can ensure the integrity of your preclinical research programs.

Topics will include:
  • How to breed and maintain colonies of genetically engineered animal models.

  • What steps to take to verify the genetic backgrounds of your breeding stock.

  • How to select models and strain backgrounds which best support your research goals.


Ana Perez presenter of Maintaining Genetic Integrity in Breeding Colonies WebinarAna V. Perez, PhD is the global director of genetic sciences and compliance for Taconic Biosciences. Over the past twenty-five years, she has published several characterizations of important animal models and supervised the development and implementation of numerous, sophisticated efforts to maintain the genetic quality of animal model breeding colonies.

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