Webinar: The Influence of the Microbiota on Immune Response
Presented by
Dr. Ivaylo Ivanov

A vast and diverse community of microorganisms lives in a symbiotic relationship within the human body. These resident microorganisms, mostly composed of bacteria, are also known as the commensal microbiota. Commensal bacteria are indispensible for the proper metabolic and immune functions of the host.

Key Learning Points:

  • Specific examples of immunomodulatory interactions between commensals and the host

  • Role of segmented filamentous

  • How composition of the microbiota affects immune responses

  • Bacteria in Th17 cell induction

  • Differences in microbiota in commercial and academic facilities

  • How to control for microbiota effects

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© 2024 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.