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Tiina Kähkönen, MSc

6-breastcancer.jpgTo facilitate immuno-oncology drug discovery, researchers have established the first humanized mouse model of tumor growth in which the tumor, bone microenvironment, and immune system are combined as a functional entity. The ability to investigate cross-talk between these three systems is essential for the development of novel strategies in the treatment of bone metastases of tumor and preventing solid tumors from spreading into bone marrow.

Humanized Mouse Models of Tumor Growth Research Insights:

  • Bone metastasis and how to model it

  • How the humanized mouse models can be utilized in bone metastasis research – and what is the advantage of using them

  • Example of breast cancer growth in bone of humanized mouse

  • What to take into consideration when planning a study using immunomodulators in cancer and/or bone metastasis



Dr. Tiina Kähkönen is a Study Director of preclinical oncology research at Pharmatest Services Ltd. Kähkönen graduated from University of Turku, Finland, in 2012 majoring in Drug Discovery and Pharmacology. After graduation, she conducted her doctoral thesis work on breast cancer research with a special interest in bone metastasis.

Pharmatest Services Ltd is a preclinical CRO specialized in oncology and skeletal disease models. In almost twenty years’ time, Pharmatest has established the proof-of-efficacy for many cancer drug candidates with clinically predictive cell culture assays, orthotopic animal models, and disseminated cancer models. For more information, see

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