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Controlling the Macroenvironment: A Novel Approach to Germ-free Derivations

Download this webinar to learn a novel approach to germ-free derivations outside of the limitations of an isolator. Traditionally, germ-free derivations are performed in flexible film isolators and are technically difficult. Drawbacks include lengthy contact time with chemical sterilant used in port entry, the use of anesthesia, analgesia and surgical equipment within an isolator, and limitations of cylinder volume for needed materials. Further, large quantities of toxic chemicals are required to clean the macroenvironment to facilitate successful isolator entry.

Going Beyond the Isolator

Presenter, Dr. Cristina Weiner, VMD, MS, DACLAM, will present a novel approach to germ-free derivations focused on control of the macroenvironment. Dr. Weiner will also share how applying cleanroom technology to gnotobiotic animal husbandry has resulted in the improved success of germ-free derivations.

Expect to learn:

  • How to evaluate the baseline and ongoing cleanliness of the animal facility macroenvironment
  • How to apply various cleanroom technologies to animal husbandry, with applications to both germ-free/gnotobiotic and SOPF production
  • The process for germ-free derivation and embryo transfer in a biosafety cabinet
  • A novel decontamination process to mitigate potential contamination scenarios based on identified high-to-low risk points in the derivation process
  • Novel facility design with higher standards of macroenvironmental engineering and equipment controls compared to standard animal and surgical facilities

Dr. Cristina Weiner, VMD MS DACLAM

Senior Director of Gnotobiotic Embryology and Scientific Services | Taconic Biosciences

Dr. Cristina Weiner, VMD MS DACLAM, is a Senior Director of Gnotobiotic Embryology and Scientific Services and has been with Taconic Biosciences since 2010. Dr. Weiner completed her undergraduate work at Harvard University and obtained an MS in microbiology at Colorado State University. She did her veterinary training at the University of Pennsylvania, followed by a residency at Colorado State University.

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