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Michael A. Pellizzon, PhD, Research Diets, Inc

Diet has a profound effect on a multitude of phenotypes, especially those most relevant to microbiome and gut health research. Yet, despite a growing body of literature to the contrary, some microbiome studies are evidently designed as though diet and nutrition were irrelevant to study outcomes.

Are you weighing diet and nutrition appropriately when designing microbiome and gut health research studies?

Diet and Microbiome Insights

Join us to discuss how rodent model diets shape experimental outcomes, with a particular focus on microbiome and gut health.

  • How do different animal model diets affect the microbiome?

  • How should you choose appropriate experimental and control diets?

  • How can you critically evaluate the role of diet in published microbiome studies?


Dr. PellizzonDr. Pellizzon received his Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University in Nutritional Sciences and a Master of Science and PhD in Nutrition and Food Science at Wayne State University, where he studied the effects nutritional manipulation on obesity, metabolism, and atherosclerosis risk in rodent models.

In his Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Pellizzon investigated the effect of nutrient manipulation, including dietary fat sources, on atherosclerosis risk in mouse models. Throughout his studies, Mike enjoyed communicating with and sometimes challenging colleagues about which diets they were using to achieve their research goals.

This experience lead naturally to his current position as Senior Scientist at Research Diets Inc., where for the past twelve years he has continued to enjoy having conversations with the research community and formulating diets.

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© 2023 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.