Smart Select animal model programAs longtime facilitators of animal-based research, we understand the priorities behind your animal model procurement decisions. You need speed, quality, consistency, and availability. In some cases, you may need consultative support in order to find or design the appropriate animal model.

Choosing the wrong model—or the wrong partner—could spell major delays and project cost overages.

Smart Select is a complimentary animal model trial program allowing you to trial our most popular mouse or rat models in your facility at no cost to your organization.

  • Evaluate a specific model strain, before making any financial investment
  • Request up to 20 animals from one of the strains listed below, to test for quality, consistency and suitability for your experimental purpose
  • Enjoy free ground shipping, where applicable*
  • Evaluate Taconic Biosciences - including our consultative support and customer service

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USA Models   European Models
Mice Rats   Mice Rats
Model Name (Model Number) Model Name (Model Number)   Model Name (Model Number) Model Name (Model Number)
Black 6 (B6) NIH Nude Rat (NIHRNU)   B6JBom (B6JBOM) Sprague Dawley® (SD)
BALB/c (BALB) Sprague Dawley® (SD)   BALB/c Bom (BALJBO)  
129S6 (129SVE)     Black 6 (B6)  
DBA/1 (DBA1BO)     NMRI (NMRI)  
C3H (C3H)     Diet Induced NASH B6 (NASH-B6-M and NASH-B6-CONTROL-M)  
Swiss Webster (SW)     NMRI nude (NMRINU)  
B6.SJL (4007)     C.B-17 scid (CB17SC)  
DIO (DIO-B6 and B6-DIOCONTROL)     Rag2 (RAGN12)  
Diet Induced NASH B6 (NASH-B6-M and NASH-B6-CONTROL-M)     CIEA NOG mouse® (NOG)  
NCr nude (NCRNU)     NOG-EXL (13395)  
C.B-17 scid (CB17SC)     hIL-15 NOG (13683)  
ICR scid (ICRSC)        
scid-beige (CBSCBG)        
Jh (1147)        
Jh (17758)        
Rag2 (601)        
Rag2 (RAGN12)        
Rag2/II2rg Double Knockout (4111)        
CIEA NOG mouse® (NOG)        
NOG-EXL (13395)        
hIL-2 NOG (13440)        
hIL-6 NOG (13686)        
hIL-15 NOG (13683)        
B2m-NOG (14957)        
ARTE10 (16347)        
Il10 (BALB/c) (15660)        
*Terms & Conditions
Free trial available to customers in North America and Europe. European customers may take advantage of the free trial for models produced only in the US, but must pay all costs associated with shipping. If the customer is on a ground route, free shipping applies. If the customer is served by air, they must pay for air freight and related transportation fees. Germ Free mice are excluded from this promotion. Taconic Biosciences reserves the right to determine eligibility for discount and to change or discontinue this program at any time without notice.

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© 2022 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.