speed-congenics-or-accelerated-backcrossingGenetically engineered animal models are often created on genetic backgrounds selected for convenient modification, rather than phenotypic characterization. Confounding or mixed genetic backgrounds in your preclinical animal models can skew the results of your investigations.

Transferring your gene of interest into models of the appropriate genetic background can take years of careful backcrossing. How can you establish genetic integrity in your study cohorts without falling behind the pace of modern research?

Speed Congenics or Accelerated Backcrossing

In this exclusive white paper, experts from Taconic Biosciences explain their techniques for efficiently generating congenic animal model strains via marker-assisted breeding. With the advent of genome-based markers differentiating the genetic background of animal models, congenic strains can be generated in half the time required for traditional backcrossing.

  • Explore the application of modern screening techniques to speed congenics

  • Learn how genetic background can influence phenotype – and study endpoints

  • Discover how accelerated backcrossing methodologies deliver congenic strains in half the time

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