White-Paper-Humanized Mouse Models

The advent of immuno-oncology has necessitated changes in the types of animal models used in oncology drug discovery. Syngeneic models—inbred mice bearing an engrafted tumor derived from a genetically identical mouse strain—are invaluable preclinical research tools that enable tumor studies in the context of a complete and functional immune system. These models are powerful tools for studying tumor-immune system interactions and investigation into new immunotherapies.

This white paper takes a closer look at the benefits of syngeneic tumor models and provides:

  • An overview of syngeneic tumor models and their importance for immuno-oncology studies

  • A brief history of syngeneic models

  • The specific differences between syngeneic and humanized models and how this affects their suitability for particular research studies

  • The essential considerations to account for in a successful syngeneic tumor study, including genetic background, health status, and the microbiome

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