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Dr. Michael Seiler, PhD Taconic Biosciences

Making Use of Cryopreserved Mouse Repositories

Cryopreservation technologies support access to an incredible selection of genetically engineered mouse models, but mouse repositories often require restrictive licensing, eligibility requirements, and terms of access. How can you navigate these restrictions and chose the optimal vendor for your research goals?

Join this exclusive webinar to learn how Taconic’s innovative EZcohort® model access program leverages advanced cryo recovery, rapid cohort scaling through embryology, and generous terms of use to dramatically reduce your time to study execution.

Cryopreserved Mouse Repository Insights:

  • Learn how repositories differ in access terms, licensing rights, and eligibility.

  • Understand the cost-benefit analysis of accessing cryopreserved lines vs. generating new mouse models.

  • See how advanced embryology techniques accelerate research timelines with on-demand recovery of genetically engineered mouse models.



Dr. Michael Seiler’s training as an immunologist lead him to management of Taconic’s humanized immune system models, along with other genetically engineered mouse models.

He earned his PhD. in cell and molecular biology at the Baylor College of Medicine and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Chicago. Michael published fifteen peer-reviewed manuscripts while in academia, then served as vice president of a start-up firm focused on commercializing gene editing technology before joining Taconic Biosciences in 2014.

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© 2024 Taconic Biosciences, Inc. All rights reserved.

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