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Utility of Humanized Immune System Mice for Metastatic Cancer Drug Development

Presented by Taconic Biosciences and OncoBone

Effective treatment for metastatic cancers remains an unmet need. The application of immunotherapy to metastatic cancer is an active and promising area of investigation.

Humanized immune system (HIS) mice are a new tool for studying immunotherapy directed against metastasis. HIS mice offer a system where both the tumor and immune cells are of human origin. This informative webinar will review the role of immune cells in the metastatic process and the utility of humanized mouse models in immuno-oncology research for metastatic cancers. Our expert speakers will highlight how different HIS models can be used to evaluate the efficacy and safety of immunotherapies.

Watch the webinar to hear more about how HIS mice can be used to advance your immuno-oncology treatment studies, specifically related to metastasis. You’ll learn how:

  • The metastasis process is influenced by many cells in the local tumor microenvironment, including different immune cells.
  • Immunotherapies may be beneficial for the prevention of formation of an immunosuppressive microenvironment that could later lead to tumor cell escape from the primary location as well as to disable metastases from forming and growing.
  • HIS mice have been applied to the study of metastasis and in efficacy studies of immunotherapies directed at metastasis.
  • The use of HIS mice in preclinical oncology studies may better predict immune-related adverse effects of immunotherapies on the skeleton and other organs.

Tiina Kähkönen, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer | OncoBone

Tiina Kähkönen, PhD, is the Chief Scientific Officer at OncoBone. She serves clients by acting as scientific advisor in their preclinical research programs in oncology and bone disease indications. She did her M.Sc. in a Drug Development and Pharmacology program, and her Ph.D. focusing on drug research for breast cancer and especially for cancer-induced bone metastasis in University of Turku, Finland. After completing her Ph.D. studies she worked to establish clinically relevant preclinical metastasis models for translational immuno-oncology research. These efforts were supported by collaboration with Taconic Biosciences which provided access and expertise to their humanized mouse models.

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