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Validated Il10 Knockout Models for IBD Research

The interleukin 10 (Il10) knockout mouse is a powerful research model for studying colitis and immunoregulatory pathways but there are important considerations that must be addressed for successful integration into research programs. These considerations include the model’s genetic background, microbiome composition, unique disease characteristics, and licensing barriers, all of which can influence study timeline, budget, and variability.

Taconic Biosciences has recently made available Il10 knockout models on both the C57BL/6 and BALB/c backgrounds at the Excluded Flora and Germ Free health standards Dr. Philip Dubé, a Senior Scientist at Taconic, will share recently obtained validation data on these models and describe different approaches to using these models in drug discovery programs.

This webinar will provide validation data on these new knockout models and illustrate different approaches to applying them in drug discovery programs.

Register for the webinar to learn:

  • The role Il10 knockout models play in colitis research
  • Important considerations for study design
  • How to expedite study timelines and reduce variability
  • How to choose between specific pathogen free (SPF) and Germ Free (GF) Il10 knockouts

Dr. Philip Dubé

Senior Scientist | Taconic Biosciences

Dr. Philip Dubé is a Senior Scientist with Taconic Biosciences focusing on microbiome and immunology applications in mouse research models. He earned his PhD from the University of Toronto and completed postdoctoral fellowships in inflammatory bowel disease research at Vanderbilt University and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Dr. Dubé's areas of expertise include inflammatory and metabolic diseases, oncology, immuno-oncology, and applicable mouse models for preclinical research studies.

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