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Patient-Derived Xenografts on Humanized Mice

The clinical success of immune checkpoint modulators is driving intense efforts to deliver the next novel therapy in immuno-oncology, but traditional cancer models simply aren’t up to the task.

A new generation of humanized immuno-oncology animal models offers the predictive power of patient-derived xenografts (PDX) modeling, in the presence of a functional human immune system. Could these new tumor models unlock the next breakthrough?

In this exclusive Taconic Biosciences webinar, learn how to develop PDX models of cancer on humanized mouse models, unlocking the ability to study real human cancers in the context of a functional, humanized immune system.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Implement predictive PDX models with functional immune systems
  • Improve the power of drug efficacy and safety studies
  • Validate new therapies with clinically-relevant drug targets

Dr. Jens Hoffmann

Managing Director | EPO

Presenter Dr. Jens Hoffmann is the managing director of EPO, where he applies his expertise in drug development, oncolytic viruses, biomarker discovery, tumor immunology, and tumor model systems. He completed his PhD at Humboldt University and did postdoc work on tumor angiogenesis at Schering AG and on redox regulation and cell death at the University of Pittsburgh.

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