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The Ultimate Xenograft Host Comparison Guide


The development of super immunodeficient models has greatly advanced xenograft studies, but they are not suited to all study types. To select the model best suited for your specific PDX or cell line study, including immuno-oncology applications, researchers must be fully informed and understand the intricacies of working with highly immunocompromised mouse models.


How Strain Backgrounds, Leakiness, & Radiation Sensitivity Impacts Studies

During this webinar, Dr. Megan MacBride, dives deep into how strain background, leakiness, and radiation sensitivity can all impact your study. Focus areas will include common immunodeficient models, such as nudes and scids, as well as advanced super immunodeficient models, such as NOG mice. Choosing the most appropriate immunodeficient model for your study can save time and money.


Key advantages of watching this webinar:

  • Better understand how unique characteristics of different immunodeficient animal models can impact your experiment
  • Discover the latest advances in utilizing immune deficient mouse strains
  • Learn how to reduce model usage, while saving time and money
  • Understand how PDX models can change the oncology drug discovery paradigm
  • Find out which hosts are best suited for immuno-oncology applications

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Megan MacBride, PhD

Director, Product Marketing | Taconic Biosciences

Dr. Megan MacBride is Director, Product Marketing at Taconic Biosciences. She obtained an AB in chemistry from Princeton University, and a PhD in chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University.

Megan joined Taconic in 2006 and has extensive experience in the development and commercialization of animal models across a range of therapeutic areas, from oncology to metabolic disease.

Complimentary Scientific Consultation

Taconic's PhD field application scientists provide expertise on experimental design and selection of the ideal animal model for your research initiatives.

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