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Humanized Mouse Models for Drug Discovery: The NOG Portfolio


As drug discovery efforts rapidly shift towards increasingly complex and highly specific biologic therapeutics, sourcing appropriate in vivo models for preclinical work is becoming more challenging. Researchers are turning to humanized immune system (HIS) models for help addressing their in vivo drug research challenges.


Humanized Mouse Models for Drug Discovery

HIS mouse models have become invaluable tools for a multitude of research applications, ranging from immuno-oncology, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, to basic research into the immune system and hematopoiesis.

Discover how NOG mice can be utilized to accelerate preclinical research and drug discovery. This free white paper provides a thorough overview of HSC and PBMC engraftment models using the original NOG mouse, in addition to next generation models designed to support engraftment of particular human immune cell subsets, such as myeloid lineages and NK cells.


Read this white paper to:

  • Get insight into the comprehensive NOG Portfolio and the application of NOG strains as hosts for immune system humanization
  • Learn about key alternative cell humanization approaches to address requirements for particular human cell types
  • Find out how to select the most appropriate humanized model for your drug discovery needs
  • Get detailed guidance to help you maximize the success of your next study utilizing humanized immune system mouse models

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Did You Know?

The CIEA NOG mouse® exemplifies one of the first super immunodeficient mouse strains engineered to overcome obstacles to successful immune system humanization.

NOG variants engraft immune cells from human PBMCs with high efficiency, making them very sensitive models of xenogeneic GvHD and other autoimmune diseases.

As increasingly complex drugs, including human-specific biologics, garner greater research focus, new NOG variants will enable additional HIS model applications.

About The Authors

MacBride_Megan_Product Marketing (purple)

Megan MacBride, PhD

Director, Product Marketing

Dr. Megan MacBride is Director, Product Marketing at Taconic Biosciences. Megan holds a PhD in chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University and has 15 years of experience in product management across various animal model segments.

Ivan Gladwyn-Ng, PhD

Associate Director, Field Application Sciences

Dr. Ivan Glawdyn-Ng is an expert in rodent models for scientific research and has co-authored numerous publications regarding immuno-oncology and infectious diseases. Ivan earned his doctorate in Neurosciences from the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute.

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