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Humanized Immune System (HIS) Mice for NK and T Cells: Applications for Cell Therapies and Immune Modulators - Part III in a three-part series

Humanized immune system (HIS) mice are invaluable for advancing preclinical research, with various models available to support lymphoid, myeloid and/or specific cell populations. T and NK cells are popular targets for immuno-oncology cell therapies, as well as for immune-modulating drugs, and specialized host strains expressing relevant human cytokines are widely used in efficacy studies involving these cell populations. The hIL-2 NOG and hIL-15 NOG models allow for enhanced T cell and natural killer (NK) cell engraftment, enabling more sophisticated studies related to graft vs. host disease or immuno-oncology.

This webinar will focus on the applications of both the hIL-2 NOG for TIL and CAR-T therapies, as well as the hIL-15 NOG for NK cell research, including NK cell therapies and NK cell-modulating drugs. This webinar is part three of a webinar series - click here to explore the full educational series. 



Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How 2nd generation NOG strains expressing relevant human cytokines can support engraftment of specific cell populations such as T and NK cells
  • How to select the most appropriate host strain and donor cells for your experimental needs
  • How hIL-2 NOG and hIL-15 NOG mice can be used to support drug discovery and advance cell-based therapies
  • Which HIS model is right for you, based on your immune cell population of interest

Dr. Jessica Ramadhin

Field Application Scientists

Dr. Jessica Ramadhin received her B.A. in Biological Sciences from Cornell University and earned her Ph.D. in Infectious Diseases from the University of Georgia. During her graduate studies, she tested two anti-inflammatory compounds as therapeutics for obesity and metabolic syndrome. She then completed her postdoctoral training in the Department of Gastroenterology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she examined how myeloid-specific knockout of the glycolytic enzyme hexokinase 2 impacted rodent models of obesity, colitis, and infection. Jessica has worked with animal models for many years and has a wide range of in vivo experience related to infectious diseases, immunology, metabolism, and the gut microbiome.

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